Salutogenic Perspectives – Developing and Promoting Health in the Encyclica

claude-helene-mayerWhat does Pope Franciscus say about health and health promotion in his 2015 published Eco-Encyclica?

Claude-Hélène Mayer reflects on salutogenic perspectives in the encyclica. She poses questions, such as: „What role does the sense of coherence play within the concept of holistic ecology?“ or „How can sense of coherence be created according to the encyclica?“ Comprehensibility, manageability and meaningfulness, as the three main components of sense of coherence – based on Aaron Antonovsky’s concept of salutogenesis – are analysed within the text.

The analysis opens up new perspectives on health in the context of holistic ecology and refers to them on individual, organisational, regional, socio-cultural, and global levels. Value-orientations and constructs of spirituality are explored in this context and are identified as a fundament of environmentally-sensitive and creative actions.

Pope Franciscus provides the reader with stimuli for conscious actions in terms of a salutogentic, holistic and dignified lifestyle for present and future generations.

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